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Curriculum Organisation
Design and Technology is taught to all pupils throughout Key Stage 3. The curriculum is based on a time allocation of 4 lessons per fortnight and the main subjects studied will include Food Technology, Graphics and Resistant Materials. ICT will be used in these areas especially CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacture).
The curriculum is organised on a rotation system normally based on ½ term sessions in each area. Pupils will visit each subject twice a year and six times over the whole key stage and will complete a variety of inspirational projects during their studies.
Our Staff
To help deliver our courses the department is lucky to have specialist teachers for each area:
Nick Neal (Head of Department): Resistant Materials, Systems, CAD and CAM.
Heather Cullen: Food Technology and Health and Social Care.
Natasha Hepburn: Graphics and computer design.
Lisa Seabright: Food Technology and ICT.
The department is also well supported by our two technicians Pat Priest and Liz Hobbs.
The ‘design pod’
D&T is taught in the ‘design pod’, a suite of specialist rooms developed as part of the school becoming a ‘specialist technology college’ in 2007. The suite includes:
  • A Graphics room with 20 computers
  • A Food room equipped with 8 computers and cooking facilities to demonstrate and teach the technical aspects of Food Technology
  • A fully equipped Food room able to accommodate a class of pupils doing practical cooking and a storage area equipped with blast-chilling, freezing and washing facilities.
  • A new ICT room developed in January 2012 with CAD / CAM facilities, designed to support the whole Design and Technology curriculum.
  • A Resistant Materials workshop fully equipped to allow pupils to manufacture in wood, metal and plastic.
The ‘design pod’ has been developed to cater for the needs of all pupils and to provide a safe and stimulating environment for learning Design and Technology.
Our philosophy:
Design and Technology is all about making things that people want and that work well. 
 Creating these things is hugely exciting, inventive and above all a fun activity
(James Dyson, Chairman, Dyson Ltd)
‘We believe that hands on practical helps to develop confidence in manipulating materials, reinforces the importance of being organised and allows our pupils to make good working products.
A well made successful product, be it a plate of excellent food, a graphic product or a resistant material creation, gives a real sense of achievement, provides a long-standing focus for their success and will hopefully encourage our pupils to become informed discerning consumers’.
Further information:
2)Summary sheets for our current Key Stage 4 courses:
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