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written for us by John Townsend. 


 As Roger & Rosemary head off into the sunset (or Weymouth)to start a new life,and Penelope continues to drive poor Gerald into an early grave, Rev Mckenzie endures the attention of Mrs Clithero. Madge and Reg kindle a long lost flame of hope and what of 'Barry and the  Bluebirds' did they get onto 'Top of the Pops'? Where did Eleanor Rigby go? We wish them all a fond farewell and a happy life full of twisting and shouting.

Thank you all for attending and thank you all to our wonderful Cast and Crew....You were Fab!

Please read our reviews:

Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic!

Entertaining from start to finish

  Amazing – such great talent – well done everyone!

Wow! Knock your socks off. Real Pro's with out standing talent

EXCELLENT – wish I had tickets to see all three performances

Fab! – What a night!

Sent me back to the England I loved – thank you!

Outstanding, funny, totally wonderful group of actors. Bravo! Bravo


Such talented young people, a fantastic production, drama, tension, humour, music, it had EVERYTHING! Well done!

Fabulous work, I laughed so much my glasses steamed up. So much talent!


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Performance of ..'Seaside Rendezvous' 

'Oh We did like to be beside the seaside!' In the 1950s, Britain was a country where doors were left unlocked, children played in the street and seaside holidays were like never before - with end of the pier shows and donkey rides. It was a Britain that has long since disappeared. Hopefully we did bring it all back for our audiences.


Meet the characters during rehearsals first up is DanRyan and Molly.

With rehearsals long over and performances now finished, costumes packed away, props placed back in the cupboard, the pier dismantled, Punch and Judy back in their box (not forgetting Tommy) and the beach hut off to a new venue, we have time to reflect on our trip to the seaside. We leave Charlie contemplating sketches for television and wonder if Marlene and Lionel will become regulars at the Bingo Emporium. We wave good bye to Ted and Edna,  who no doubt will be back next year. Will Derek finally get his rent money sorted? What will become of Danny? Who knows? 

We leave all their footprints in the sand.....................................

img 5102

Thank you to all cast and crew for our nostalgic trip, we hope you enjoyed taking part.

Please read the reviews of the performance:

"Witty, clever, poignant - a really wonderful evenings entertainment"

" What a fabulous evening of fun! Totally transported and entertained by such a talented cast - thankyou!"

 " Well done Chantry, an excellent performance!"

"What can I say, so professional. Thank you so much - keep up the good work"

"Yet again another amazing production! Students gave a wonderful 'feel good' brilliant, acting performance. The show was so much fun, a great memory of the past. I felt the pathos of peoples changes in life - for better and for worse. Thank you for a chance to get lost at the seaside."

"Absolutely fantastic! I am so impressed. What a fabulous cast, very well done"

"Funny, nostalgic, sad and touching. What a performance"

"As good as always - performances never disappoint. Thank you for another play to be proud of"

Takes me back several decades. Another triumph"

"Seaside Rendezvous' was absolutely stunning! As good as any professional performance we have seen."


See the slide shows of photos from the the play in the gallery.


Here is a slideshow of the auditions for 'Seaside Rendezvous' (also in the image gallery)



 Here are some reviews about last years production of 'Beyond the Fields':

" A very touching performance brought to life with some fine acting "

" What a wonderful production, full of emotion and such talent, I was reduced to tears"

" I was completely lost in the naive rural life in Martley. The play was performed by an incredible group of young actors who should be so proud of themselves. Thank you."

" Wonderful in every way, an outstanding night's entertainment."

"It is rare to see so much talent in ones so young - I was deeply moved by your performances"

" A stunning performance. It will stay with me for a long time. Thank you so much for a memorable evening"

" Everything about this play was extraordinary - the story, the direction, the film footage, The lighting, and the wonderful moving young actors and actress - superb. Thank you all"




The Drama Department

The Drama curriculum focuses on developing language and communication abilities, problem solving skills and the creative process. Lessons focus on concepts that promote positive self images, social awareness, empathy, values and attitudes as well as an understanding of live theatre.

Drama at the Chantry School

The drama department has high expectations of all students’ attainment and personal conduct. 
We create an environment where there is an emphasis on success and potential, and where all individuals and their achievements are valued and celebrated. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses a wide range of learning experiences and reflects the needs of the local community.

We also offer a large range of enrichment opportunities for our students and our community with: theatre visits and school productions. We support and nurture talent and constantly look out for opportunities for our students to extend their experience.

Drama at the Chantry School

The Drama Department prides itself on the energy, dedication and enthusiasm of its extracurricular activities and particularly is renowned for the success of its School Production.

Past Productions include :

Frankenstein,’ ‘Romeo and Juliet’,  'The Tempest,’   ‘LovesQuest’  ‘Rebel’, ‘Macbeth,’  ‘Alice,’  ‘Tom Sawyer,’  ‘Back Across the Fields,’  ‘Ricks’ Place’, 'The Hop Fields', 'Blue Remembered Hills', 'Beyond The  Fields'

If you would like to see some pictures from some of these shows please go to our Image Gallery.

We also run performance showcases in the drama studio, where we celebrate students work across all years.

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