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"Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future."

Michael Palin

Year 7


Topics covered: Exploring the UK, Extreme Environments, Flooding and Investigating Martley. Students develop their knowledge and understanding of places on local, national and global scales. Students develop their geographical skills throughout the year using a variety of maps such as OS, atlases and street maps. Students are taught to appreciate the differences in people and places through an enquiry approach.


Year 8

Topics covered: Coasts, Ecosystems, Super volcanoes, China and a geographical investigation into ‘Are we losing our high streets?’ Students develop their knowledge and understanding of place on local, national and global scales. They investigate issues and related human interaction to environmental impacts. Students  are encouraged to see the circumstances of others across the planet in an empathetic way. They also develop their geographical skills through fieldwork, investigating a local issue in Worcester.


Year 9


Topics covered: ‘The Day the Earth Rocked’, which investigates the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis. Students have investigated the origin of these natural disasters and the effects upon the human activity, both locally and globally. Students have developed their knowledge and understanding by being encouraged to see circumstances of others across the planet in an empathetic way. Students also study the topic of glaciation including the formation of glacial features and how these areas could be developed for human activity. How can we tackle climate change? Is extreme weather becoming more frequent? Can we change the world with the SDGs?

GCSE Geography

Topics studied over the GCSE AQA A course include: Population, Water on the Land, Tourism, Coasts, Restless Earth and The Development Gap. Students also complete their controlled assessment fieldtrip studying variations in cross sections of the River Ogmore. 


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What do people say about Geography?

 “Geography is life. It is impossible to conceive of rounded human beings who have not grasped the fundamentals of geography.” Film Director and Chair General Teaching Council.

 “Geographers are often in the front line of the world’s war zones and disaster areas and enabling people to update their views of the earth and its inhabitants.” Secretary General of the United Nations.

 “Geographic information is critical to promote economic development, improve our stewardship of natural resources and protect the environment.” Bill Clinton, Former President of the USA.

 “Geography graduates are highly employable.” Times Educational Supplement Reporter.

 “Global warming, the spread of deserts, water shortages, the migration of peoples, the battles over resources such as oil and issues of world trade and debt (and world conflicts) … All this ispart of modern geography.” Education Guardian Reporter.

 “Of all subjects, it is Geography that best draws together the techniques of research, planning, communications and presentation that employers demand today.” Director, Transport Research.

 “Geography fieldwork is exciting, interesting, develops decision making and enquiry skills and allows us to appreciate other people’s values and attitudes.” Lecturer in Geography.


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