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Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past 

 George Orwell

 What is history?

History involves the study of people, events and changes in the past through what remains. It is an enquiry into the activities of people in time, which seeks to explain why they behaved as they did, what caused the events in which they were involved, and how they and their lives were changed by events. History is based on the evidence which survives about these groups and individuals.

This department feels History should be interesting, exciting and enjoyable. It is important to children as it is also a subject that is all around them wherever they go.

History is the only subject in the school curriculum whose focus is the evidence of the behaviour, as it has changed through time, of human beings who actually lived. It deals with real and identifiable human beings. It can also give pupils an understanding of how things came to be as they are and helps us to understand our own society, other societies and the world in which we live.

In particular, the study of history can enable pupils to question and make sense of their locality. To these ends, we hope that local history can become an important and enjoyable element of the curriculum. History in this way can bring a sense of identity and belonging, a respect and pride in local heritage and achievements as well as recognising failings and mistakes.


What is taught at KS3?

The first three years follow National Curriculum guidelines for teaching thematic history. There are three units of British history which cover the main events, changes and people from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century each year. This is done in themes. Year 7 look at Living and Dying; Year 8 examine Politics and Protest; Year 9 investigate Conflict and Cooperation.

Each unit of work follows an enquiry based approach with key questions and use of a variety of source materials. Field visits are undertaken in Year Seven to Goodrich Castle and in Year Eight to Kenilworth Castle. Much use is made of Interactive Whiteboards, music and audio visual resources. 

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it 



History at GCSE level

History at KS4 is very popular with two groups in Year 10 three in Year 11. The OCR SHP syllabus Medicine Through Time is followed which also includes a depth study of Britain 1815-51. 82% of GCSE pupils in June 2011 gained A*-C grades. 39% gained A* and A grades. 55% gained A*-A in 2010.

Controlled Assessment forms 25% of the overall grade. This is one piece of extended writing which investigates the development of castles and uses a visit to Kenilworth as an example.

The past is a foreign country - they do things differently there.
L.P. Hartley

Theatre and interactive role plays

As well as having superbly resourced but small teaching rooms, pupils in Years 7, 8, 9 have the opportunity to experience live theatre performances in school and interactive role plays. School History Scene performs two plays written by award winning history writer Josh Brooman. Year 7 watch Time tunnel, a journey through the Medieval World. Year Nine experience the Great War Daywith the play Doomed Youth. Year Eight also experience live performance with the character Mistress Denyss a Tudor Lady preparing for the visit of Elizabeth I to Worcester and Hallow in 1575. Year 11 visit the Science Museum this year to examine its Wellcome collection and further investigate the history of medicine and health.

History Dept. Website

The History Department also has a web-site:


The first in school to be set up, it was written and is managed by Mr Day.

It supports the study of history in a number of ways with Web links, overviews of study, GCSE revision exercises as well tips and news. It has also been updated by Year 11 pupils. It also supports the school ski trips with its library of photos each year.

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