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Subject Leader, Teacher of Computing, Business & Music- Miss White  

Teacher of Computing, D & T & Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Seabright

Teacher of Business and Computing - Mrs Pearman

Teacher of Computing and Graphics - Mrs Hepburn


Well done to those students that received their first ever Computer studies exam results.

Below is a breakdown of the grade boundaries to help you understand your results better:

D2 - grade A (49 marks upwards)

M2 - grade B (42-48)

P2- grade C (36-41)

D1 - grade D (30-35)

M1 - grade E (23-29)

P1 - grade F (18-22)

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Our school offers a modern, vibrant and interactive approach to learning and prides itself in providing its pupils the best in quality; both in terms of up to date courses and lesson resources as well as excellent teacher expertise.

We encourage students in ALL year groups to take responsibility for their safety and regularly remind them on "How to Stay Safe Online". Below are some useful websites about this topic and also to video's created by Year 11 to make people think.


wes                                  cbbc safe                              think you know


 http://www.wes.networcs.net/       http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/topics/stay-safe           http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/   

 Ella's E-Safety film 2014 - Year 11 



Computing Curriculum

All pupils, from Year 7, have at least one hour of discreet computer technology lessons every week.  This ensures that all of our learners leave The Chantry  School with a selection of ICT skills, have an awareness of Digital Literacy and Computing Theory knowledge. This should enable them to fully participate in the modern world of work and leisure; as well as providing them with the skills they need to fully access and process information arising in their day-to-day living.

With a history of outstanding results, the department is always striving to improve the service it offers to its pupils and parents and to this its aims are:

•To develop learners’ full potential by using ICT as a medium for thinking and as a tool to develop and form thinking across the whole curriculum and to improve the processing and presentation of information specific to each department.

•To help equip each pupil with the best possible and widest range of communication skills in preparation for their life beyond school.

•To encourage pupils to become capable, safe users of ICT and to remain safe online (through digital literacy) and in ‘cyberspace’.

To encourage pupils to become more knowledgeable of computer hardware, programming and techinical trouble shooting.

Computing & IT courses offered at The Chantry School

Years 7-9 are continuing to learn the application of a wide range of software to help them develop a higher level of  knowledge and understanding of the new Computing curriculum through three broad strands. These strands have been identified as: Technical, Business and Creative.  Each strand has been developed to allow learners to access skills and understanding in: Finding Information, Developing Ideas, Communicating Information and Evaluating Work through the use of Information and Communications Technology.   Assessing pupil progress is an integral part of every lesson; however, pupils develop projects which also allow their teacher to make formative judgments about their attainment.  These judgments supports the transfer of meaningful information at key transitional points, e.g. from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.



At key stage 4 students are now given the opportunity to opt to do further Computing and ICT, through the OCR Cambridge Nationals Qualification. Within this course students work through a series of modules within both the techinical and creative strands. These units are designed to enable students to take a more individual pathway to support their learning. 


Below is a link to the course on the OCR website.



To conclude the Computing & IT Department at The Chantry School are very proud of the progress pupils within the subject and we are committed to providing a learning environment for every pupil that allows them to reflect critically on their own and others’ use of ICT whilst adopting safe, secure and responsible practices.

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