Welcome to the Maths Department

Mrs Howes Head of Mathematics.

Mrs Judge 2nd in Department.

Mrs Edwards Teacher.

Mrs Hayes Assistant Head Teacher.

Mrs Lord Teacher of Maths and Business Studies.

Mr Pomeroy Teacher of PE and Mathematics.

Mrs Cant Specialist Mathematics Teaching Assistant.


These pages are designed to help you support you child in their learning.  Further information can be found through the menu on the right.

The Mathematics Department is staffed by 5 Maths specialists, all of whom are female which is somewhat unique.  Mr Pomeroy also teaches some KS3 classes and one set in Year 10.  We are all very committed to delivering quality lessons and meeting the needs of all students.

In the main, all lessons are taught in dedicated Mathematics rooms which includes and ICT suite which is equipped with 15 new computers.  All classrooms have a computer, printer and  an interactive whiteboard.


The Mathematics Experience

Students enjoy lessons which are planned to meet the unique needs of all.  Tasks are varied, no particular text is used and lessons are as interactive as possible. In KS3 homework is in the form of Extended Learning Tasks which are given on a 2 week rota basis.  You can expect your child to have one task for Maths per term.  It is still very important that all students allocate time to revise for their half term tests and that they ensure they practise any topics that have caused them difficulty in class.  In KS4 there is a homework timetable, on which Maths appears once per week.  We use a variety of tasks which are all aimed to consolidate learning that has taken place in class. Students are always encouraged to consolidate their learning by using Mymaths or similar internet sites at home.

Key Stage 3.

  • Students are taught in sets.  In Year 7 setting is based upon previous attainment and a baseline entry test.  Progress and attainment is reviewed on a regular basis and students move sets when necessary.
  • Students follow a tailored course which is tested every half term.
  • Each student completes 3 differentiated modules per academic year which gives a comprehensive cover of the 4 areas of the Mathematics curriculum.
  • Year 7 setting is a little complex. Sets 1-3 are comprised of students from Ankerdine, Bredon and Cotswold.  The students are set on ability with set 1 being the most able within the 3 tutor groups.  Sets 4 and 5 are comprised of students from Malvern and Woodbury.  Again, these students are set with the most able in set 4.
  • There are 6 sets in Year 8 and Year 9.  We set on ability with the most able being in set 1.
  • The department has a dedicated teaching assistant who is deployed to specifically support progress in Mathematics. Some lessons are also supported by teaching assistants who are deployed by the Special Needs department.
  • There is some flexibility within our timetable to offer additional support to students that are under achieveing. Key groups are selected and withdrawn for small group work on a weekly basis. 

Key Stage 4

•Students are taught in sets.  There are 6 sets in Year 10 and Year 11.

•Year 10 receive 3 hours of mathematics and Year 11 receive 4 hours per week.

•Key Stage 4 students follow the OCR Linear GCSE course.  This comprises of 2 examinations, for Higher they are both 1.75 hours and for Foundation they are 1.5 hours long.  Each tier have a calculator and a non-calculator  paper. Students are entered either for Higher (A*-C) or Foundation (C-G) dependent upon their prior attainment.

The Department is very proud of the 88% A*-C attainment in 2013.  This is testament to the effort and commitment of the staff and the students.

 maths 2

Enrichment, not just for the Gifted and Talented

We feel it is extremely beneficial to offer our students and prospective students opportunities to participate in Mathematics outside of the classroom.  We encourage all students to become involved where possible and on the whole have a very good up take.  Examples of Enrichment activities are:

•Schools Fantasy Football League.

•Junior and Intermediate Mathematics Challenge.

•Team Mathematics Challenge.

•Race Day at Worcester Race Course.

The Mathematics Department also offers activities to our primary feeder schools on the taster days and feedback from both visiting teachers and students is always positive.

 maths 1

PGCE Students.

For many years now we have been aiding the education of future Mathematics Teachers.  During an academic year we normally have 3 students who under go rigorous training throughout their practise in order to meet our very high expectations. Mrs Lord is currently taking a Master's Degree in Mentoring and she dedicates a lot of her time to supporting the mathematical development of the PGCSE students whist they are with us.

Mathematics is a very important subject and the whole department works hard to ensure every student, regardless of their ability, has the opportunity to succeed. Lessons are interesting, fun and memorable.

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