News in October 2014

In April and May we are again running our very successful French Exchange programme. We will visit our “twin” school in Chaumont in the Haute- Marne region of France. During our visit the pupils will experience a day in a French school as well as visiting many interesting places in the region. The pupils will be hosted by French pupils and their families for the six days’ stay. We will welcome the Chaumont pupils in May where again we hope to show them something of the local area whilst they stay with local families.




We are also very excited to announce that we are in the process of setting up a German exchange with a school in the Hesse region of Germany. We have made links with the Goethe-Gymnasium in Bensheim (between Frankfurt and Heidelberg), and Mrs Morgan has been on an introductory visit to the school and we have also welcomed two teachers from the school to The Chantry. We intend to introduce this exchange in the next academic year 2015-16. The German pupils will probably visit us in October and we will go back to Bensheim during June the following year.


 We are very pleased that we will now be offering two foreign exchange programmes. There are many linguistic benefits of exchanges and they are also hugely beneficial to get to know the culture of a country.

Two of the German pupils wrote a short report following Mrs Morgan’s visit 


Visit by Mrs. Morgan from The Chantry School Martley




Yesterday, 26th September 2014, a teacher from The Chantry School Martley visited our class. It is the school which we did an exchange of cards and the Christmas project with last year.


 The Chantry School is in Martley / England, near Worcester. Martley is a very tiny village which only 500 people live in. The school is attended by 720 pupils at the age of 11 to 16 years. That way the number of persons on the village doubles every day. Because many pupils don’t live in Martley, they have to come by bus.


 School begins at 8.50 a.m. and ends at 3.20 p.m. every day. The breaks are from 11 a.m. to 11.20 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.


 In the first years, the pupils can learn French and German at this school, but in Year 9 they have to choose between the two languages. At The Chantry School uniforms have to be worn: girls can wear skirts and trousers, but most prefer skirts.


In my view, The Chantry School is a nice school. It’s a really good thing that the lessons begin at 8.50 and not at 7.45, like here.


On the other hand the pupils have to wear uniforms and that’s something I don’t like.


All in all, I think it would be great if The Chantry School became our new partner school !


 by Celina, Form 9 d, Goethe-Gymnasium Bensheim, Oct. 2014


Last week our school had the privilege to have a visitor from Great Britain, Mrs. Heather Morgan, who is a teacher at The Chantry School Martley near Worcester. She was so kind as to give us some information about her school and we had the chance to ask her questions.


We already know some of the students there because our class started a pen friendship with them.


The Chantry School Martley is a school for pupils at the age of 11 to 16 years. In Year 9 the students can decide which language they prefer and would like to keep learning. They can choose between French and German.


This English school isn’t a big one, it only has about 740 pupils. In contrast, our school has more than 1400 !


Another difference is that our pen friends have to wear school uniforms. The girls can decide if they prefer grey skirts or black trousers and they have to wear a white blouse, a red tie and black shoes. The boys also have to wear a pair of black shoes, a red tie, a white shirt and black trousers.


It is really encouraging to know English people learning German while we are trying to remember all the English grammar. It is also nice to write letters in a different language and to use our English skills.


 I would really like to go on with this pen friendship and it would be amazing to have an exchange of two different schools from two different countries !


 by Lynn, Form 9 d, Goethe-Gymnasium Bensheim, Oct. 2014

For KS4 pupils have a look at the EDEXCEL website. This will enable you to look at vocabulary lists and past exam papers.

Edexcel French 

Edexcel German

Why not use Vocab Express at home? You must remember your username and password though! Check with your language teacher if you have forgotten!

Have a go at looking things in French and German using Google.fr and Google.de

Don't forget that you can use Linguascope even when you are at home. You have been given the username and password by your Language teacher. Click on the link below.


Take a look at the photos from our French exchange - click on the following link.

French exchange photos

Modern Foreign Languages Department

In Year 7, all pupils learn both French and German. In Year 8, some pupils continue to study both languages, whilst some pupils continue with just one. At the end of Year 8, after discussions with parents and teachers, pupils decide whether to study French or German in Year 9. In Key Stage 3, pupils have 5 language lessons over the two week timetable.

Pupils can opt to take a language at G.C.S.E. level. In 2012, our pupils achieved the following results: German 74% A* to C and French 90% A” to C. Each of the 4 skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing are assessed independently and combined for the final GCSE grade. We follow the Edexcel Course for GCSE. Please visit their page for futher details about the specification.

Languages are a very popular and successful option at G.C.S.E. level. Pupils continue to build upon their skills learnt in Key Stage 3 and they are also given the opportunity to take part in exchanges and trips abroad.

Our current teaching team is:

Heather Morgan, Janice Hudson, Sean McCauley and Helen Archer.

We hold a biennial KS4 trip to Berlin, which combines both cultural and linguistic experiences for our pupils. Here are some reports from the last trip in October 2011…….


Brandenburg Gate

On Wednesday 19th October , 30 Year 10 and 11 pupils and 3 staff braved the early hours to travel to Berlin. We spent four days full of activities and experiences including a trip to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, climbing inside the Reichstag Dome, visiting the very tall TV tower at night time, the Holocaust Memorial in the centre of the city, the famous zoo and the East Side Gallery. However for many, the highlight of the tour was the Fat Tire bike tour through Berlin, taking in most of the famous sights and learning lots about the very turbulent history of the city over the last 60 – 70 years.

The pupils were, without exception, an absolute credit to the school; they behaved appropriately at all times and engrossed themselves in the sometimes difficult history of the city. They mastered the Berlin U-Bahn (with the expert help of Mrs Logan, Mr Mc Cauley and Mrs Morgan) and took full advantage of the shopping activities offered to them!

After four days of trips and activities in and around the city, we had to return home but our feet told us that we had filled those four days with lots of walking and fun. The plan is for this to be a bi-ennial trip, so look out for posters for October 2013!

Glass Dome

Glass Dome

“Going to Berlin was exciting! It was a great experience and nice meeting people from the school that I didn't know went to the school! I wasn't to keen on the zoo, because I didn't like that most of the animals were closed up in small cages! The best part was the bike ride, the tour guides made it fun and interesting at the same time! The rooms had enough space for us all to move about! I couldn't believe that they wanted €299.99 for a woolly turtle! Spending most if my money within a few days made it awkward! But I saw a MASSIVE LEGO GIRAFFE!! It was lots of fun! But a shame we can't go again next year!"

The Reischtag

The Reichstag

“Berlin was an absolutely amazing trip that I am sure I will never forget, not only was it a perfect opportunity to improve on my German, I also came back with many memories and new friends of whom I’d never spoken to before the trip! Packed full of new experiences and activities there was never a dull moment! Out of all the brilliant activities planned my favourite has to have been the bike tour though! To be honest when I woke up, it was one thing I really didn’t feel like doing, I never expected it to be as good as it was! The fact that we were riding bikes made the whole day a lot more fun and quicker too, seeing almost all the sights in Berlin in one day was very impressive! Another one of my favourites was the TV tower at night! Looking over Berlin completely lit up was beautiful and was a truly unforgettable moment!  However, not all my memories were created from our activities planned, but the other pupils who came too! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much before in my life! We also managed to get on the Turkish CNN news channel too!!!! Thank you to Mrs Morgan, Mr McCauley and Mrs Logan too! It wouldn’t have been possible without you all! Overall it was a brilliant trip that I would recommend to anyone! If you have the opportunity, grab it quickly, the Berlin trip is one trip you don’t want to miss! Trust me!"

TV Tower at Night

TV Tower at Night

“Going to Berlin with school was a really great experience, that's going to be a wonderful memory. It was great to get to know people better and have a blast with my friends. All the sights we saw were really interesting and rather fun. The bike tour was really fun and was a great alternative to walking as everyday my feet were grateful to have a rest. The zoo was AMAZING and one of my favourite days. I SAW A PANDA! This was the best memory of all which I will never forget. It was really just fun to be there. Thanks for giving us the chance to go it was just Fab x”


We have also introduced a new exchange trip with a school in France. We are very lucky to be twinned with a fantastic school in Chaumont in the Champagne region. Last year we travelled to Chaumont in Marche and hosted our exchange partners in May. We were very fortunate to have superb weather for both parts of the trip and it was gratifying and interesting to watch new friendships develop. We offer this experience to our pupils studying French in Years 8, 9 and 10.



Mon journal,


Off to France!


Day 1 - On the bus...


Boring! Can’t wait to get there! Just gone into the tunnel and bored! Nothing to see but darkness. I think Jamie thought we would see the sea!


Nearly there! The entire bus feels the tension.


Signs for Chaumont...


In Chaumont.


5:30am - 7:30pm = 14 hours on a bus


We arrived to a hero’s welcome and were quickly escorted to our respective homes.




We had a delicious cheesy thing called Raclette which is little mini pans that you put cheese in and put under the grill. Then, when the cheese has melted you pour it on top of Baguette, Potatoes and Ham. I have an amazing room with a computer, Xbox, and a massive flat screen TV in it.


Day 2 - Dijon


Bon Matin!.


I am in Dijon! It truly is a beautiful place!


We have also visited the cathedral which has hundreds of gargoyles leering at us from the walls. The original mustard shop that made Dijon famous was also pointed out as we passed.


Picnic in the park...


Off to Chateau Neuf!


The view from the windows of the chateau stretches for 40 miles!


This is a magnificent place, I wish everybody was here to share it with me.


Day 3 - School


Off to school!


P.E. and now English! What a breeze! They have here the most amazing climbing walls I have ever seen! Up and over your head across the roof. I would have given anything to have a go. During English we describe ourselves to the class and they have to translate what we say into French. Easy! They speak amazing English here, better than my French at least!


We now have French and this is not so easy! These classrooms are very bare and empty, white walls and a whiteboard. For lunch I had steak and cheesy potato and a game on the Xbox as we lunch at Valerian’s house.


Day 4


Wandering around Troyes we look at the differences between the buildings, Modern and old. We have been exploring an amazing Cathedral and everyone lit a candle under the catholic altar and the Virgin Mary.


After coming out of the cathedral we split into groups and wander around Troyes for a while but the highlight of the day was Elliot spending €8.85 in the sweet shop!


Now we are back on the bus and off to a Champagne fermentation warehouse where we are given a tour of the press and capping process as well as the 15 month fermentation ritual. I have bought a bottle of Champagne (via the teachers) for dad and it will be kept on the bus for me until I get home.


This countryside is unbelievably beautiful! I want to stay here forever! 5 days is definitely not enough. Where has this time gone? Tomorrow is our last full day! Bon Nuit!


Day 5


On the bus off to the house of Charles de Gaulle!


Fairly uninteresting house and boring garden so we left sooner rather than later. We got on the bus and went to the hypermarche where I, with the money we were refunded from the cost of the trip (€10.00) bought some presents for Valerian and his family and some sweets for the trip back. ‘Don’t tell your parents!’ I quote Mr Jowett.


Off we go to bowling!


Bowling + Me = Terrible, Oh well.


Home for tea, Burgers!


Going home tomorrow! I don’t want to go home but I suppose we must.


Day 6 - Going home


Nothing much to say, Amazing places, amazing people and most of all an amazing holiday! I don’t want to go home and I think the entire bus agrees with me.


Au Revoir!



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