Chair's Welcome
A very warm welcome to The Chantry governors’ pages. First of all here is a little bit about the school and the governors. The present school has been on this site for 50 years. Previous to this there have been Chantry schools in various places and forms in Martley, going back approximately 700 years to the time of the Mortimer family. In the latest guise we became an Academy in 2011. The exact legal shape of the entity of the school, its purpose, structure and formation is laid out in our Articles of Association. The Governors sit between the Staff of the school and the Trustees of the school. The Staff report to the Governors and the Governors report to the Trustees. The Staff and the Senior Leadership Team, led by the Head Teacher, have delegated responsibility for all the day to day running and management of the school. The Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school and its management fulfil the statutory responsibilities, obligations and duties contained in the Articles of Association .We are also charged with leading the strategic direction of the school. In addition to this we have a role to play in ensuring that all children at The Chantry, irrespective of background or ability, have an equal and fair chance to use the opportunities available to them to fulfil their potential if they wish. Our main duties are usually discharged through the use of various committees and full governing body meetings. When we meet we sift through professional advice, hold the Senior Leadership to account, and plan the best ways forward for the pupils, parents, staff and The Chantry. The Governing body endeavours to conduct its business in accordance with accepted standards of behaviour in public life which embrace selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, honesty and leadership.    
The Governing body consists of people from the local community, parents of children currently at the school and some members of staff. The exact ratios and minimum or maximum numbers of each group as well as how they are elected or appointed is all laid out in the Articles of Association. As a result we are a diverse mix of characters that reflect the main interest groups of the school reasonably well. As individuals, governors have very limited power or authority, it is only as a group that we can act. It is our mission to provide and develop a caring and happy campus that has the best teaching and learning environment that we can afford, together with a well-motivated, highly qualified, keen and able staff. Our aim in doing this is to ensure that all students leave The Chantry happy, motivated and with a first class education that will give them choices and opportunities to successfully build their future lives on. 
In order to achieve our aims we will be very rigorous in our recruiting to get the best staff possible. We will provide a broad, balanced and sustainable curriculum that supports the needs and requirements of all students where practicable. We will ensure that we have the necessary facilities and resources to support the curriculum. We will be strenuous in our efforts to run a balanced budget each year and to run budget forecasts well ahead into the future to make sure we have a stable and sustainable business plan. We will be relentless in seeking year on year improvements in all areas for the equal benefit of the staff, students and parents. Standing still and resting on past laurels is not an option. We will endeavour to create a respectful and caring environment for all.    
I live, own a business, and work in the parish of Martley. I am a parent Governor and all of my children, of varying abilities and with diverse interests, have all been very happy and successful at The Chantry. I have been a school governor since 2005 and Chair of Governors since 2008. 
Tim Nott – Chair of Governors
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The Chantry School             Tel: 01886 887100           Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          Company Number: 07657852 

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