Key Stage 4 Options Prospectus 2015

This page is designed to help students, parents and carers understand what courses and opportunities are on offer in Key Stage 4 (years 10 and 11), the final two years of compulsory education at The Chantry.

A 'core' curriculum is offered to ensure that all students will have a good general education but students can also choose a number of 'options' which will allow them to build on their individual strengths and prepare themselves, as far as possible, for the type of further education, training or work which they hope to take up when they leave The Chantry.

Students and parents/carers should go through this prospectus together and also talk with the staff at the school and also with students who are taking some of the subjects mentioned in this prospectus. Students will be helped by their tutors and by the Careers CPSE team to understand the implications of their decisions. The consultation procedure that takes place in the next few weeks is a very important one. Hopefully this will lead to a negotiated outcome with students taking a curriculum best suited to their needs and abilities.

Key Dates:

Y9 Parents' Evening - 15th January

Option Booklets issued - 26th  January

Y9 Key Stage 4 Information Evening Option Form issued - 4th February

Deadline for Options' form to be returned to school - Monday 23rd February

Confirmation of Options - Summer term  (typically early June)

From March onwards we will be looking closely at options choices. Where we have concerns over any choices we will talk to pupils and contact parents. In a small number of cases we may find it impossible to schedule the requested options. We will always talk to pupils and parents in this case. Due to the complexity of arranging the school timetable, it is unlikely we will be in a position to confirm choices until well into the Summer term.

It is vital that students use this time to find out as much as they can about each subject that interests them. Being fully informed will lead to a good positive experience during Key Stage 4. Once choices have been agreed it is virtually impossible to change them because of the implications it has for groupings and staffing.

The KS 4 Curriculum

In Year 10 and Year 11, all students will study a compulsory 'core' curriculum consisting of;

English Language and Literature



Religious Education – Philosophy and Ethics

Physical Education

Optional subjects

In addition to this core curriculum, students have an opportunity to study a further four optional subjects. It is very important that students think carefully about what it is they want to do in the future before making any choices. The courses and subjects available at The Chantry are:


Art (Art & Design or Art Textiles) 

Business Enterprise


Food Technology 




Graphic Products




Physical Education

Resistant Materials

Triple Science (by invitation only)

Youth Award (by invitation only)

Level 2 Cambridge Nationals

Health & Social Care


Last year almost all students were given their first choices in option subjects. We do reserve the right to alter the courses available if group numbers are too low to make the option viable. We therefore request that students make a serious reserve option choice which might be used if one of the first choice options cannot be accommodated.

Pathways Through KS4

We will recommend a pathway for each pupil in Year 9. This primarily indicates whether we feel a pupil is suitable for invitation on to either the Youth Award or Triple Science courses. Our recommendation is based on our knowledge of individuals and experience of successful outcomes on each of these invitation only courses.

Should a pupil not be invited who wishes to take either of these courses, then please discuss this with the subject leader (Mr Howard, Science; Mr Phipps, Youth Award) in the first instance.

Public Examinations

The majority of examination courses in this prospectus lead to the award of a single GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).

There are a number of awarding bodies or examinations boards used by The Chantry and the prospectus includes details of these. Further information can also be found on their own web sites.

AQA   www.aqa.org.uk 

OCR   www.ocr.org.uk  Oxford, Cambridge Nationals & RSA

EDEXCEL   www.edexcel.com 

WJECC   www.wjec.co.uk  Welsh Joint Education Committee

The GCSE results in all subjects will be published using a grade system (A* - G) with the A* being the highest pass grade and G being the lowest pass grade.

The examination courses run for five terms. In those subjects leading to public examinations, these examinations are usually taken during the summer term of the final year.

Making your decisions

• Do try to be realistic about your abilities

• Do talk to your teachers about what they think you are capable of doing

• Do find out about future careers and progression after KS4

• Do think seriously about Further Education at 6th Form Colleges and Worcester College of Technology

• Don't choose a subject because your friends choose it

• Don't choose a subject because you like the teacher, you might not have them next year

• Do make careful choices as you have to stick with them for two years.


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